BRL Art Show Results
Olivia Sieve-3rd in sculpture 
Cadence Dunn-1st in painting 
Clara Brandel- 3rd in painting
Nick Welch-2nd in design
Jordyn McCarty-3rd design
Tyson Boyer-1st and Best of Show color drawing
Piper Fitzgerald-1st black and white drawing
Avery Mathes-3rd black and white drawing
Corbin  – 3rd sculpture 
Grace Hicks-1st design
Jeremiah McCormick-1st place and Best of Show multimedia
Daniel Rhoades- 2nd multimedia 
Avery Mathes- 2nd color drawing
Anh- 3rd black and white drawing 
Anh- 2nd design
Caitlyn woods- 1st craft and Best Of Show
Emma Reese-1st painting
Ana Kelly- 3rd painting
Tayler Watts- 1st design
Jk and Gracen- 1st crafts
Emma Reese-3rd crafts