Sunscreen is protective. Sunscreen does protect your skin from the sun’s rays, when used as directed.

You have to use a lot. That means a shot glass full to cover the full body, a fourth to a half teaspoon for the face

Don’t use it solo; it’s important to use a combination of sun safety approaches for effective sun protection. Sunscreen isn’t an all-protective force field. It is intended to be combined with other sun-safety approaches, like covering up with clothing, staying in the shade, wearing a hat.

It doesn’t have to be greasy

It isn’t just a girl thing

Coconut oil is not a good sunscreen

Sunscreen is NOT a “Do-It-Yourself” kind of product. Sunscreen is a non-prescription drug intended to protect the skin. You wouldn’t strap your child in using a seatbelt you made at home, so why protect their skin with untested homemade sunscreen? If you’re concerned about the safety of ingredients in sunscreen, there are other options. You can move your outdoor activities to morning or evening, when the sun is less intense, and cover up, wear a hat, stay in the shade, and use a store-bought, mineral-based sunscreen.