Congratulations to the FBLA district 12 Winners

Congratulations to the following FBLA District Winners:
1st Place- Journalism- Libby Orr
1st Place- Help Desk- Jadon Lanham
1st Place- Client Service- Elly Ratliff
1st Place- Computer Problem Solving- Jadon Lanham
1st Place- Management Decision Making- Vince Mathes, Cameron Boyer & Tray Amsden
2nd Place- Intro to Parliamentary Procedures- Miles Winn
2nd Place- Cyber Security- Jadon Lanham
2nd Place- Website Design- Rhylan Gray & Hannah Steward
2nd Place- Broadcast Journalism- Abby Robbs & Elly Ratliff
2nd Place- Healthcare Administration- Laney Bailey
3rd Place- Healthcare Administration- Emma Reese
4th Place- Economics- Drew Richardson
4th Place- Intro to Financial Math- Brendan Myers
4th Place- Journalism- Holden Laughman
5th Place- Journalism- Brendan Myers
5th Place- Personal Finance- Kelley Bettes
5th Place- Intro Information Technology- Brendan Myers
5th Place- Public Speaking- Hannah Sellers