2019 September Students of the Month

Congratulations to our September Students of the Month!  They are pictured (left to right)  Blakely Mayes, Charlee Bishop, Brylee Bishop, Kaiden Mathes, ///Mrs. Ceclie Goodman (elementary counselor), Mr. Jeremy Myers (elementary principal)///, Jarett Meredith, Adrick Fitzgerald, Aubrey Hill, and Addison Logan.  Our Student of the Month guidelines are  – good attendance, completes assignments on time, takes pride in their work, no discipline referrals, uses good citizenship, acts responsible, listens in class, follows directions and has no deficiencies.  These students also have great manners.  Manners is our Character Education word of the month!  Way to go, kids!  They had lunch with the principal and counselor, received a certificate and pencil, and a soda and ice cream with lunch!