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The Reynolds County Health Department along with MoDOT donated a girl's bike and boy's bike for a drawing. 

This was to promote Bicycle Safety!  The drawing was held TODAY, April 16, 2014!

Students in grades K, 1 and 2 were put in the drawing. 

They chose one girl and one boy.  Congratulations to our winners!  First graders Paige Miller and Colton Meredith.

Category: Elementary
Last Saturday, 4/5 was the 2013-2014 Black River League Art Show at South Iron. We had lots of winners!
Lesterville R-IV Schools once again outdid every other school at the event!! We won 1/3 of all the awards given amongst six schools. Our kids took home twice their fair share of ribbons. We swept five categories, winning first through third in all six categories; East Carter, South Iron, and Clearwater only did that once each. We won 50 awards total and had the most 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons. Lesterville had a nineteen point ribbon lead against the second place school, South Iron.
Shelby Crocker won Best in Show for the entire middle school division!!
The top winners of our school were a tie between Junior Mayson Spiller & 8th grader Abby Robbs with 4 awards.
A tie for second between 2nd grader Sydney Woods and Freshman Julie Dea with 3 awards.
Amy Jordan with 2 awards.
I am so proud of you! Great work kids!! --- Ms. Bahn
Grades K-2
Jazmin Lee - 1st place Drawing black & white
Sidney Hawkins - 2nd place Drawing black & white
Clara Brandel - 3rd place Printmaking
Sydney Woods - 1st place Crafts, 3rd place Design, 3rd place Multimedia
Zoe St. Gemme - 2nd place Fibers
Grades 3-5
Gharret Wilcut 3rd place Painting
Crystal Cook - 1st place Multimedia
Trevor Carter 1st place Ceramics
Jacelyn McCombs - 2nd place Ceramics
Reese Gray 1st place Printmaking
Brittany Webb - 2nd place Printmaking
Destiny Lee 3rd place Printmaking
Schol Flecke - 2nd place Crafts
Grades 6-8
Ryan Helenschmidt - 1st place Drawing black & white
Abby Robbs - 2nd place Drawing black & white, 3rd place Design and 1st place Printmaking, 2nd place Crafts
Shelby Crocker - 1st place & Best in Show - Sculpture
Rhylan Gray - 3rd place Sculpture
Mya Middleton - 1st place Ceramics
Emily McNail - 3rd place Ceramics
Journey Lee - 1st place Fibers
Nathan Martin - 2nd place Printmaking
Elly Ratliff - 3rd place Printmaking
Hannah Steward - 2nd place Drawing in color
Dazy Lee - 3rd place Drawing in color
High School
Amy Jordan - 1st place Fibers, 2nd place Printmaking
Allison Savage - 2nd place Fibers
Charlotte Volner - 3rd place Fibers
Mayson Spiller - 1st place Ceramics, 3rd place Drawing black & white, 1st place printmaking, 2nd place Crafts
Julie Dea - 2nd place - Ceramics, 1st place - Design, 2nd place Design
Rosy Williams - 3rd place Painting
Ryan Hawkins - 3rd place Printmaking
Stevan Williams - 3rd place Ceramics
Tiarra Light - 2nd place Design
Jekellah Dean - 2nd place Ceramics
Courtney Miller - 3rd place Crafts
Elizabeth Campbell - 2nd place Drawing in color
Owen Freeman - 2nd place Drawing black & white
Category: Art
Congratulations to our 8th grade Junior High Lady Bearcat Volleyball team!
The were Tournament Champions this past Saturday!
They brought home the GOLD at the Poplar Bluff Tournament.
They beat Greenville, Zalma, & Doniphan in pool play.
They went to the Gold bracket for Tournament play and beat Poplar Bluff & then Twin Rivers for the Championship!
Way to go ladies!!
Category: Jr. High Volleyball

Congratulations to Seniors Immerah Bethume & Drew Myers for being chosen

2014 Black River League High School Basketball -All Conference.

Congratulations to Junior Dusty McCartney for being chosen

2014 Black River League High School Basketball- Honorable Mention!

Category: Athletics

The students did a scavenger hunt.  Sixth grade won!  This spring's theme was on Native Americans!

Category: Counseling Corner

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